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Book One, Volume One

Where's the rest?

Why Galambos is right and his attackers are wrong

The primary purpose of this website is to serve as a source of information and suggested action for people who purchased Andrew J. Galambos' book, Sic Itur Ad Astra. Most buyers received Volume One in 1999 but no one has received the additional volumes necessary to make it complete. You will learn why the trustees of his estate withdrew the first volume from sale and why they are violating the purchase contract by refusing to publish and deliver the remaining volumes, even though Galambos’ students paid for them long ago. Until the Professor’s ideas reach the intelligent, curious, aspirational and intellectually honest people that were his target, they cannot have the positive effect on society that he and his students believe they would. Book buyers are urged to voice their opinions and to exercise their contractual rights.


This website also introduces a book, For Intellectual Property, published in 2016Please see the Menu for free download.

TO THE TRUSTEES: There are three of you. Two of you can do the right thing and vote to publish.

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