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This book will transform your view of intellectual property. Your right to own your ideas is under attack by those who say that no such right can or should exist. Surprisingly, the attack is led by a supposedly freedom-loving, property-protecting, libertarian, N. Stephan Kinsella, via his monograph, Against Intellectual Property.

Author John Richard Boren shows that most of Kinsella’s conclusions are wrong, and that in his opposition to the coercive and counterproductive monopolies of patent and copyright he goes too far, stripping innovators of effective protection.

The solution lies in the revolutionary ideas of Andrew J. Galambos, which protect intellectual property in a way that harms no one. His property-based recipe for a durable, truly free society is simple, practical, and consistent with the laws of nature, especially human nature. If you want to protect the products of your mind, you should read this book.




You can read or download For Intellectual Property here for free. If you get value from it, I'd appreciate it if you'd help defray the costs of my efforts by purchasing a copy from Amazon, in paperback or Kindle format. I recommend the paperback, which costs more but is easier to read. Many of the footnotes are important, and for that reason were arranged to appear in their entirety on the same page as the main text. In addition, generous open areas facilitate note-writing. The cover looks great too (if I do say so myself). As a final incentive, if you let people see the title of the book you are reading they will certainly think that you must be very intelligent. :))

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