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Below is a link to a list of over 600 people who entered into a contract called the PRE-PUBLICATION SUBCRIPTION AGREEMENT (PPSA), created by Andrew J. Galambos (AJG) and his then-attorney, Frederic G. Marks.The contract was between individual Subscribers and The Universal Scientific Publications Company, Inc. (TUSPCO), a company owned by Galambos and his wife Suzanne. By means of this contract Subscribers could make an advance purchase of one or more of several books to be authored by Galambos.


Chief among the books was what was listed in the PPSA as “Book 1,” described in Paragraph 1.3 as “the book containing the theories taught by Andrew J. Galambos in the volitional science courses (principally courses V-50 and V-201) of FEI.” This was to be a book of historic significance, bringing Galambos’ work to a wider audience than lectures alone could do.


The book was to be printed on the most durable paper available, handsomely bound, serially numbered, and signed by Galambos. Positioned as a collector’s item, it was priced at about $1500 in today’s inflation-adjusted dollars. It was heavily promoted in 1978, with a target publication date of 1987.  However, perhaps for multiple reasons, but ultimately because of Alzheimer’s disease, Galambos did not write it.

The possibility of this outcome was addressed in the same paragraph. “In the event of the inability of AJG to write Book 1 due his death or incapacity, Book 1 may be supplied by TUSPCO in the alternate form of edited selections from the tape recorded lectures of AJG edited to the best of the ability of the authorized representative(s) of FEI and the proprietary heir(s) of AJG who would be performing such editing, it being understood that this alternative form would be second best, but vastly superior, to not having Book 1 exist at all.” But sadly, even tragically, despite Galambos’ preparation Book 1 in fact does not exist, an outcome intentionally caused by the trustees of his estate. This is in direct violation of Galambos’ expressed wishes, and he would certainly call their actions a crime.

Subsequent to the deaths of Andrew and Suzanne Galambos, the then-trustees, Wayne Joyner and Charles Hayes, did publish Volume One of the book under the title, Sic Itur Ad Astra (This is the Way to the Stars.)  This book, over 900 pages long including the index, contained a lightly edited transcript of Course V-50 and its extension, V-50X, plus some bonus material.  Volume One was distributed to buyers on April 17, 1999, at a gathering organized for that purpose.  It was festive occasion, and those of us in attendance were told that the remaining volumes containing the material of Course V-201 would be published soon.

This is being written in August, 2016.  No more volumes have been published.  Despite the trustees’ repeated statements of intent to do so, there is still no book. What’s more, the trustees, now apparently consisting of Wayne Joyner, Peter Giansante, and Cheryl Cerell (formerly Croxall and Spehar) have withdrawn the first volume from sale, with Wayne Joyner saying in a letter to Richard Boren that it was a mistake to have published anything.  Legal action to force publication has failed, and the trustees have refused Boren's demand to arbitrate as granted by the PPSA.  These facts call into question the veracity of every statement and promise they have made, some of them under oath.


Should we still hope to receive what we have paid for? Yes. All that has to happen is for the trustees to change their position.

A list of book purchasers is provided below. For privacy reasons only the last name is shown on this publicly-accessible website. Please indicate how to reach you by filling out the contact form. You can also email with your thoughts and questions. 

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